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Announcement of "Exhibition of Tanabe Chikuunsai IV"


@Tobi Art Fair (Tokyo Bijutsu Club)

HANABAKO’s booth No. 17 on the 3rd floor.



This is information on "Exhibition of Tanabe Chikuunsai Ⅳ (formerly known as TANABE Shochiku)” held at the Tobi Art Fair, in the HANABAKO’s booth: No. (17) on the 3rd floor.

We would like to introduce his new works “Disappear” Series, collaborated with Sawako Kaijima, a forefront architect, prepared in 2017 in memorial for his succession of the honorable art title as a bamboo master.

We hope you to enjoy (5) out of the (10) pieces of this challenging series, collaboration of inherited "traditional technique in TANABE line” and “advanced and technique” by the innovative architect, Sawako Kaijima.


Ordering Information:

HANABAKO accepts your orders on works on display.
For details of the works, please contact


(5) Works displayed at Tobi /Delivery will be after the exhibition】

Disappear I size:55・15・40
Disappear V size:25・30・62
Disappear VI size:26.5・24・52.5
Disappear VII size:23・21・48.5
Disappear VIII size:47・27・32.5
(Note) If we receive multiple orders, we will accept order production for the second and subsequent ones.


"Disappear" Series: (10 pieces) The works not exhibited at this exhibition are published in the catalog "Disappear".
If you might have any interest, please contact us.


【Works published on the catalogue only/ All order production /Please contact for price information.】

Disappear II size:25・25・60
Disappear III size:30・25・62
Disappear IV size:32・32・15
Disappear IX size:20・20・48
Note: Delivery of order production might take for 1 to 2 years., and due to the circumstances of the artist, the delivery date may be postponed without notice. Thank you for your understandings.



Tanabe Chikuunsai IV

Born in Sakai, Osaka in 1973, Chikuunsai gravitated towards bamboo from a young age. He attended Tokyo University of the Arts and earned a degree in sculpture before starting to work alongside his esteemed father, Chikuunsai III. His exhibitions have been held on numerous occasions at museums and galleries in both Japan and overseas. In 2012, Chikuunsai was selected and commended by the Cabinet Secretariat’s National Policy Unit as part of the ‘Global Messengers of “Japan” Project’. He succeeded to the title of Tanabe Shochiku in 2008 and Tanabe Chikuunsai IV in 2017


Sawako Kaijima

Born in Tokyo in 1976. Sawako Kaijima is an assistant professor at Harvard' s Graduate School of Design and a Shutzer Assistant Professor at the Radcliffe Institute. Previously, she was a faculty at the Singapore University of Technology and Design. Kaijima earned her master's in architecture from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Presently attends as an associate professor of Singapore University of Technology and Design.