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Yonezawa Jirō "Shachi (killer whale)" Exhibited at the 41st Nihon Kogeiten (the Japanese Art Craft Exhibition)



"Nobiya-kago" exhibition as -HANABAKO- Bamboo Art Festival Part IV


"Nobiyaka" means to act "freely" as if one is spreading his/her arms in the air.
We will be exhibiting works of Yonezawa Jirō, a popular bamboo artist in western countries. Please enjoy the artist's dignified works and the art of the free vitality of the bamboos.

Bamboo artists Yonezawa Jirō moved from Portland, Oregon to Oita, Kyushu in 2007. The artist has been energeticly expanding the field of activity to Europe, Taiwan and Australia.


Dates: October 4(fri) 11AM - 8PM
October 5(sat) 11AM - 6PM
October 6(sun) 11AM - 5PM


Venue: 2019 Tobi Art Fair Booth 3-17
Address: Tokyo Art Club 6-9-15 Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Tel. 03-3431-7606
2019 Tobi Art Fair Official Website

Yonezawa Jiro Akai-ki

Yonezawa Jirō "Akai-ki (a red tree)"

Yonezawa Jiro Cocoon

Yonezawa Jirō "Cocoon"

Yonezawa Jiro Shouun

Yonezawa Jirō "Shōun"

Yonezawa Jiro Yabu

Yonezawa Jirō "Yabu"

Yonezawa Jiro fossil

Yonezawa Jirō "Kaseki (fossil)"

Yonezawa Jiro Orikaeshi Flower basket

Yonezawa Jirō "Orikaeshi Hanaike (flower basket)"

Yonezawa Jiro Lady bug

Yonezawa Jirō "Tentomushi (lady bug)"



Yonezawa Jiro brief history

1981-1982 Finishes bamboo craft course in Beppu Vocational training center, Oita

1981-1982 Becomes disciple of Ono Masakatsu

1980-1981 Finishes trainee of Buppu Vocational training center

1996 Pro-Art Gallery

1997 Art in the Governor’s Office

1998 Art Institute International Solo Exhibition

2002 Exhibited bamboo sculpture

2005 Worked on bamboo sculpture work at Tryon Creek Park

2008 Portland Japanese Garden solo exhibition

1996 1998 2001 2009 2014 Butters Galley solo exhibition

Collected at The Contemporary Museum (Hawaii), Microsoft Corp. (Washington), Portland Art Museum (Oregon), National Gallery of Victoria (Australia)





Photograph: Takeshi Aoki